It's been a long time coming but the new material is finished, and after many hours in the rehearsal studio, we are ready to return to Linden Underground Studio to record the second half of the album...

Ariel Wesissberger, Robin mitchell & kevin hummel Ariel Weissberger, Robin Mitchell and Kevin Hummel

Getting the band back together: Reuniting the team of Ariel Weissberger and Kevin Hummel—my 'go to' rhythm section. Heading back into the studio to be recorded by Jeff Cook (pictured here with Ariel) in set up mode.

It's been about 13 months since we were first in Linden Underground studio  working on the first half of the album. The best things take time...and hopefully these songs have matured over the last year, just like us!


Playing with Orly Bendavid and the Mona Dahls at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC, November 2014

New York City has a great artistic community and a (some may think surprising) sense of helping each other out.  During my time here I have been honored to have been asked to play in various collaborations.  I believe strongly that music is best shared. Music gives us an opportunity to bring people together, mix things up and make something special. This place can be tough, we need all the support we can get!

The Mona Dahls

The Mona Dahls are an NYC based alt folk band led by the amazingly talented and unique Orly Bendavid. I've been playing keys and melodica and adding harmonies since 2011.

Check out the music and get the latest on upcoming shows.

Read the review from GALO Magazine.

“The Mona Dahls knit the lyricism of the violin in conversation with the tender and terse cadences of Bendavid’s own voice. At times upbeat and folksy, and other times absorbed in serious melody, they ground both plaintive and ebullient sounds alike in the rhythm of guitar, mandolin, and crashing bells. This pronounces a noise strangely earthly and cerebral all at once, yet above all, emotional.”

— Raymond Baldino, GALO Magazine


Actionplay is a New York City based educational outreach organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and the community at large. I have been honored to play in the band for the past three years—helping to put on some amazing, moving, heart warming shows. Great talent, great tunes!

Jon Bates, Robin Mitch Mitchell, Wen Chang-Lit & Gabriel Lit
The Actionplay cast 2015, with directors Arron Feinstein and Gabrial Lit, volunteers and band!
In the studio at WNYC

getting ready in the studio at wnyc

Noah and The Megafauna

I had a particularly busy and thrilling day with Noah and The Megafauna playing a live session on WNYC's 'Soundcheck' with John Schafer. You can check out the session and interview HERE.

“An eccentric ensemble that sounds like a jazz-infused version of Devotchka. Influenced by ‘gypsy jazz’ pioneer Django Reinhardt, the Los Angeles-based band features sharp blaring horns, big swinging rhythm guitar, Frontman Noah Lit's chilling, pained vocals, and an overall eerie and brooding, yet carnival-esque vibe.”


During the session, it was an absolute pleasure to be joined by one of my favorite singer of recent times, the amazing Kat Edmonson.  Kat waltzed in just in time to blow us all away with her sultry tones, duetting with Noah on his beautiful song, 'Waiting For My Moon' (at 18:30 into the session). (Pretty awesome piano on that one too, if I do say so myself!)

Later we hot footed it to The Mercury Lounge to launch the second album from Noah and The Megafauna: The Pale Blue Dot.

Playing melodica on stage with Noah and the Megafauna at the Mercury Lounge, NYC
Noah Lit
Kat Edmondson