Pringles 🥔, Singles 💿, Kittens 🐱 and Release Show 🎉 🎆 🎸!

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Dec 16, 2017   Rockwood Music Hall            Debut Single Release Party

I’m delighted to say my debut single “New York” (featuring Betsy Barone) is all done and dusted and ready for release on Saturday, December 16th! Please pre-order your copy HERE, or better still, come and pick one up at the release party at Rockwood Music Hall where you’ll also have the chance to get in on the super exciting Pringles and Singles offer! I'll be joined on stage by some amazingly talented friends with not one, not two, but THREE guest vocalists.

Sweet Beginnings at the Bitter End

I celebrated finishing the single with my first show at the Bitter End–a legendary New York venue on Bleecker Street in the heart of Greenwich Village. Thanks to everyone who rallied on a Monday to make this a fantastic night. The amazingly talented Betsy Barone, Ariel Weissberger and Kevin Hummel performed with me at the Bitter End, and they’ll also be playing at the Rockwood show.

Betsy Barone, Ariel Weissberger, Robin Mitchell & Kevin Hummel

RM and BB Bitter End 01

Guests and Goodbyes at Rockwood

Good friend and awesome saxophonist Eric Pierce will be joining us at Rockwood on December 16th, bringing a new sound to the band. The fabulous Shanay Johnson will be singing a couple, and Lani Ludwig will be joining us on stage one last time before she moves back to sunny California.

Placid Inspiration

I recently returned from Lake Placid, NY, where I’d been whisked away for a long weekend of battery recharging, nature, hot tubs and zip lines! It is seriously beautiful up there and I was inspired by the sunset on Mirror Lake to record a chilly version of New York. I also made a guest appearance at a great little venue called Delta Blue, where I was welcomed on stage to perform with the fabulous, Josee Allard and her band of Erik Van Yserloo and super talented multi-instrumentalist Neil Wright (pictured here on sax) . Can’t wait til she makes it down to Brooklyn!


As we approach the end of 2017, I want to thank everyone who has helped make this year a truly creative one–through encouragement, advice, labour and talent. I feel very lucky to have some wonderful people around me. And finally, thanks to you Mitch-Listers for sticking with me, supporting original music, and making it all the way to the end of this blog.

See you soon,

- Mitch

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